The hunt for UFOs is open in Cyprus!

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Cyprus offers a new kind of tourism «The Hunt for UFOs».

On the most popular Mediterranean island of Cyprus, thrill seekers will be able to try the new kind of entertainment – aliens hunting. Now all the tourists who wish to unveil the secrets of alien may try to make photos and video of light phenomena, which look like the unknown flying objects. Many experts note that the Cyprian sky has a high concentration of various anomalous phenomena.

Some British tour operators even got a press release, «The Hunt for UFOs in Cyprus,» which talks about it as a perspective kind of tourism. According to representative of Latedeals, Calum MacDonald «The Hunt for UFOs in Cyprus» — is growing market. They get a lot of requests from tourists interested in UFOs. They asked where and when they come to Cyprus to see unidentified flying objects.

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Nick Pope, former employee of the Ministry of Defence UK, specializing in UFOs, believes that the development of new tourism will be very profitable for Cyprus and will attract a lot of UFO hunters.

Somebody can say it’s a joke. Nevertheless, on the east coast and in the Troodos mountains, strange light phenomena was noted. The reason for the great interest for UFOs in Cyprus was caused by stories and photos taken by the staff of the British military base, which is located in Dhekelia, in the eastern part of Larnaca. In 1971, more than 1,500 soldiers witnessed a very bright glow.

If this year somebody is happy to see aliens, the island will soon become a place for aliens’ meetings. So well come to Cyprus, take your camera, and meet the aliens.

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