Mystic hotel Berengaria in Cyprus

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There are a great number of old abandoned factories, hospitals, residential buildings and ruined castles In the world. But this abandoned hotel sounds like something exotic and unusual. In this article, we will talk about a very interesting and terrible place in Cyprus, which is hidden from the eyes of tourists.

In general, Cyprus is a unique island with a huge amount of historical and natural attractions, which annually attracts tourists from around the world. However, just some of them know about an abandoned hotel with ghosts — Berengaria.

We don’t know why Cypriots don’t like to talk about Berengaria. Travel agencies don’t advertise it. There is no even very much information on internet about this place — but this place is worth to visit. Especially if you are like any mystical places and want to test your nerves.
Berengaria hotel was built in 1930 in the village of Prodromos, which is located in the Troodos Mountains.

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It’s named in honor of the Princess Berengaria of Navarre. English King Richard the Lionheart was married in Limassol castle.

The local of Prodromos initiated the construction of Berengaria. He even had to borrow a lot of money to complete the construction. The result justified the risk — Berengaria hotel was the first luxurious hotel in Cyprus. It has always attracted such celebrities as Winston Churchill, King Farouk of Egypt, the Duke of Marlborough. And the first president of Israel, Chaim Weyman even lived for a long time in the hotel. Since that time, Cyprus was a British colony, the main lodgers were — rich Englishmen. The golden period for the hotel was at 1950-1970, even despite the rapid development of spa tourism in the coastal parts of Cyprus — hotel Berengaria never lost its relevance and has been a huge stream of guests.

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What happened to the hotel Berengaria?

The owner of Berengaria bequeathed all the property for his three sons and asked them to maintain and develop the hotel together. But the brothers didn’t want to invest, they just wanted to grab their money.
However, some mystery started to happen…

Under mysterious circumstances, the elder brother jumped into the pool and broke his neck.

The younger brother hung in the restaurant.

A Jr. was shot near a fireplace.

Locals believe that Hotel avenged brothers for the unrestrained promise to his father.

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The collapse of the popular aristocratic abode of Cyprus came after the death of the founder of the hotel, such as large-scale profitable legacy inherited three of his sons. Each son sought to become a leader and the sole owner of the entire property. And such a huge greed brought up to no good. Brothers died under mysterious circumstances, and once the main jewel of tourist holidays turned into a cursed place.

Mystery of Berengaria

Officially, the hotel was closed in 1984. Local residents began to actively rob all property Berengaria, and they became the first victims of the undead souls of brothers. According to villagers, the ghosts began to come to the people and ask them to return the property to the hotel. Finally, some people even went mad. Realizing their mistake, the people began to demolish the things back in a small abandoned house, which is located near Berengaria.

You can see ancient irons, vintage gauges, stamped envelopes, receipts and colonial avenues among the different stuff. However, now all this stuff becomes souvenirs for tourists from Russia and other countries. However, locals are pleased that damn things diverge on the world, their ghosts will be less trouble.

The locals say it’s possible to hear the voices of the contending men in nights. And somebody who visited the hotel at night could see the ghosts. And now some tourists can’t even come close to this mysterious house.

Now it is a dilapidated building with no windows and doors, but with majestic massive walls. It looks like more as the ancient castle than the hotel. And any mystical stories attract travelers who want experience the existence of ghosts.