Privileges of our taxi in Cyprus

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Choosing taxi by Internet people are simply lost in a huge flow of information because every company tries to motivate the client.

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In this material, we don’t talk about «Which taxi service is the best and which one is the worst …», we will honestly tell about the advantages of our company VIP Cyprus Taxi:

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  • — Photos of our vehicles fully meet the reality. As you can see, our company uses the newest models of Mercedes, which have proved themselves in a taxi in Cyprus. Also, it is worth to note, we don’t have car trash, so you won’t meet such situations when Mazda or Toyota will be waiting for you instead of the ordered Mercedes 212E. You know, it’s awful to find another carin the airport.
  • — Large car park. We have the largest choice of cars on the island, so at Larnaca and Paphos airports we have comfortable cars that are ready to carry out transfers all over Cyprus.
  • — Quality and safe taxi. Our company is not indifferent to its reputation, so we closely monitor our fleet. When ordering a transfer, you will always be provided with a clean and well-groomed car.
  • Fixed prices. The cost of transfer to the Taxi of Cyprus doesn’t change and there will be no hidden or additional payments.
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  • — Insurance — during the trip all passengers are insured, also all the cars are in excellent technical condition.
  • — Drivers are professionals. Our official transport company employs experienced, polite, Russian-speaking drivers who won’task you“how to get there”.
  • — Drivers-guides. All our drivers are excellent guides, if during the transfer you want to see thesightseeings, they will show it with pleasure.
  • — Discounts and bonuses. We always gladden our regular customers with discounts. The peculiarity of our company is that we make pleasant surprises for regular customers — when ordering a taxi «Standard» Mercedes 212E, we serve VIP cars, Mercedes S-class.
    If you want to travel around Cyprus safely and comfortably — choose licensed professionals!

Mystic hotel Berengaria in Cyprus

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There are a great number of old abandoned factories, hospitals, residential buildings and ruined castles In the world. But this abandoned hotel sounds like something exotic and unusual. In this article, we will talk about a very interesting and terrible place in Cyprus, which is hidden from the eyes of tourists.

In general, Cyprus is a unique island with a huge amount of historical and natural attractions, which annually attracts tourists from around the world. However, just some of them know about an abandoned hotel with ghosts — Berengaria.

We don’t know why Cypriots don’t like to talk about Berengaria. Travel agencies don’t advertise it. There is no even very much information on internet about this place — but this place is worth to visit. Especially if you are like any mystical places and want to test your nerves.
Berengaria hotel was built in 1930 in the village of Prodromos, which is located in the Troodos Mountains.

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It’s named in honor of the Princess Berengaria of Navarre. English King Richard the Lionheart was married in Limassol castle.

The local of Prodromos initiated the construction of Berengaria. He even had to borrow a lot of money to complete the construction. The result justified the risk — Berengaria hotel was the first luxurious hotel in Cyprus. It has always attracted such celebrities as Winston Churchill, King Farouk of Egypt, the Duke of Marlborough. And the first president of Israel, Chaim Weyman even lived for a long time in the hotel. Since that time, Cyprus was a British colony, the main lodgers were — rich Englishmen. The golden period for the hotel was at 1950-1970, even despite the rapid development of spa tourism in the coastal parts of Cyprus — hotel Berengaria never lost its relevance and has been a huge stream of guests.

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What happened to the hotel Berengaria?

The owner of Berengaria bequeathed all the property for his three sons and asked them to maintain and develop the hotel together. But the brothers didn’t want to invest, they just wanted to grab their money.
However, some mystery started to happen…

Under mysterious circumstances, the elder brother jumped into the pool and broke his neck.

The younger brother hung in the restaurant.

A Jr. was shot near a fireplace.

Locals believe that Hotel avenged brothers for the unrestrained promise to his father.

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The collapse of the popular aristocratic abode of Cyprus came after the death of the founder of the hotel, such as large-scale profitable legacy inherited three of his sons. Each son sought to become a leader and the sole owner of the entire property. And such a huge greed brought up to no good. Brothers died under mysterious circumstances, and once the main jewel of tourist holidays turned into a cursed place.

Mystery of Berengaria

Officially, the hotel was closed in 1984. Local residents began to actively rob all property Berengaria, and they became the first victims of the undead souls of brothers. According to villagers, the ghosts began to come to the people and ask them to return the property to the hotel. Finally, some people even went mad. Realizing their mistake, the people began to demolish the things back in a small abandoned house, which is located near Berengaria.

You can see ancient irons, vintage gauges, stamped envelopes, receipts and colonial avenues among the different stuff. However, now all this stuff becomes souvenirs for tourists from Russia and other countries. However, locals are pleased that damn things diverge on the world, their ghosts will be less trouble.

The locals say it’s possible to hear the voices of the contending men in nights. And somebody who visited the hotel at night could see the ghosts. And now some tourists can’t even come close to this mysterious house.

Now it is a dilapidated building with no windows and doors, but with majestic massive walls. It looks like more as the ancient castle than the hotel. And any mystical stories attract travelers who want experience the existence of ghosts.

The hunt for UFOs is open in Cyprus!

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Cyprus offers a new kind of tourism «The Hunt for UFOs».

On the most popular Mediterranean island of Cyprus, thrill seekers will be able to try the new kind of entertainment – aliens hunting. Now all the tourists who wish to unveil the secrets of alien may try to make photos and video of light phenomena, which look like the unknown flying objects. Many experts note that the Cyprian sky has a high concentration of various anomalous phenomena.

Some British tour operators even got a press release, «The Hunt for UFOs in Cyprus,» which talks about it as a perspective kind of tourism. According to representative of Latedeals, Calum MacDonald «The Hunt for UFOs in Cyprus» — is growing market. They get a lot of requests from tourists interested in UFOs. They asked where and when they come to Cyprus to see unidentified flying objects.

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Nick Pope, former employee of the Ministry of Defence UK, specializing in UFOs, believes that the development of new tourism will be very profitable for Cyprus and will attract a lot of UFO hunters.

Somebody can say it’s a joke. Nevertheless, on the east coast and in the Troodos mountains, strange light phenomena was noted. The reason for the great interest for UFOs in Cyprus was caused by stories and photos taken by the staff of the British military base, which is located in Dhekelia, in the eastern part of Larnaca. In 1971, more than 1,500 soldiers witnessed a very bright glow.

If this year somebody is happy to see aliens, the island will soon become a place for aliens’ meetings. So well come to Cyprus, take your camera, and meet the aliens.

In Cyprus, our taxi is ready to give all UFO hunters our shuttles for comfortable transfer to your place.

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10 interesting facts about Cyprus


In this article, we will tell you about some interesting and unbelievable facts about Cyprus. Thanks to, such sometimes trivial things, some place forever can sink down into our soul.

1 fact.
Despite the fact that the island is washed on all sides by the Mediterranean Sea, in Cyprus native don’t like fishing and don’t fish. This interesting fact associated with the currents, which wash the coast of the island. Since mostly the fish is caught in sweet-water, not in the sea.

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2 fact.
Cyprus taxi drivers don’t give change. Therefore, even if you pay the driver 50 euros, and the trip costs just 5 euros, don’t wait your 45 euros back. It will be the tip for driver.

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3 fact.
Cyprus has the largest number of sunny days per year in the Mediterranean.


4 fact.
Cyprus women love to dress stylishly. According to the European Union, despite the financial crisis Cyprus showed high level of sale of clothing, when everywhere the levels decreased. Cypriot ladies are very fashionable.

5. fact.
In Cyprus you can meet coffee café just for men. Woman can’t visit it. The entry for women in such café is strictly prohibited.

6 fact.
The average life expectancy in Cyprus is 77 years old. Men live an average 75 years and women over 80 years. It is not surprising that the climate in Cyprus is recognized as the most healthy and mild climate on the planet.

7 fact.
The main religion on Cyprus is Orthodox Christianity. Cypriot Orthodox Church has a lot of weight in the socio-political life of the country. It owns the land, real estate and other property. The largest bank in Cyprus is owned by the church.

8 fact.
Cypriot weddings sometimes invite thousand guests.

9 fact.
Cypriots like to eat. The portions in taverns and restaurants are giant. Traditionally, once per week or more often Cypriots dine at their favorite restaurant. Take away food is very popular in Cyprus.

10 fact.
The majority of Cypriots speak both Greek and English. On the other hand, some do not speak English, although are engaged in tourist services.

North Cyprus will soon have helicopters taxi

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In a short time, in Northern Cyprus it will be possible to travel by air taxi.

After obtaining permission Orion Star company plans to import helicopters taxi to North Cyprus. One of the helicopters will be used for search and rescue operations and as an ambulance. The second helicopter will be used as air taxi. Flights to destinations Bafra, Kyrenia, Çatalköy, Alsancak, by helicopter taxi will be available during the day and at night. In the Karpaz and Morphou only in the daytime. Locals and foreign tourists can also use air taxi for a panoramic tour of the island.

Perhaps in the near future, it will be possible to book air taxi from our site.