10 interesting facts about Cyprus


In this article, we will tell you about some interesting and unbelievable facts about Cyprus. Thanks to, such sometimes trivial things, some place forever can sink down into our soul.

1 fact.
Despite the fact that the island is washed on all sides by the Mediterranean Sea, in Cyprus native don’t like fishing and don’t fish. This interesting fact associated with the currents, which wash the coast of the island. Since mostly the fish is caught in sweet-water, not in the sea.

taxi in Cyprus

2 fact.
Cyprus taxi drivers don’t give change. Therefore, even if you pay the driver 50 euros, and the trip costs just 5 euros, don’t wait your 45 euros back. It will be the tip for driver.

Cyprus taxi

3 fact.
Cyprus has the largest number of sunny days per year in the Mediterranean.


4 fact.
Cyprus women love to dress stylishly. According to the European Union, despite the financial crisis Cyprus showed high level of sale of clothing, when everywhere the levels decreased. Cypriot ladies are very fashionable.

5. fact.
In Cyprus you can meet coffee café just for men. Woman can’t visit it. The entry for women in such café is strictly prohibited.

6 fact.
The average life expectancy in Cyprus is 77 years old. Men live an average 75 years and women over 80 years. It is not surprising that the climate in Cyprus is recognized as the most healthy and mild climate on the planet.

7 fact.
The main religion on Cyprus is Orthodox Christianity. Cypriot Orthodox Church has a lot of weight in the socio-political life of the country. It owns the land, real estate and other property. The largest bank in Cyprus is owned by the church.

8 fact.
Cypriot weddings sometimes invite thousand guests.

9 fact.
Cypriots like to eat. The portions in taverns and restaurants are giant. Traditionally, once per week or more often Cypriots dine at their favorite restaurant. Take away food is very popular in Cyprus.

10 fact.
The majority of Cypriots speak both Greek and English. On the other hand, some do not speak English, although are engaged in tourist services.